Antelope Valley School District

Work Permit Information

Students currently working or considering getting a job during the State of California current “Stay at Home” orders need to know:

1.     Participation matters: Students need to be participating with all their classes.

2.     All students under the age of 18 need a work permit to work. This is true during distance learning, summer, spring, and winter breaks.

3.     Quarter 3 grades and attendance are used to determine eligibility until June 6, 2020. No F grades and no more than seven absences in any two classes. This rule can be flexible if Quarter 4 grades and attendance show improvement and will be taken into consideration.


Procedure for students who need a work permit

1. The work you choose needs to be for an "essential business"

2. Student is in good standing academically and making an effort in distance learning

3. Fill out the B1-1 (Request for a Work Permit form) your Social Security number, parent and employer signatures are needed to process the permit.

4. You must be an DWHS  student

5. After the B1-1 is completed, the student will then email Mrs. Coleman-Levy at using their school email address to  set up an appointment to process the permit.

Click here for b1-1 form