Antelope Valley School District

Summer School

Welcome to summer school Coyotes!  We miss you and we’re looking forward to everyone as soon as we can return to campus. 

Summer school is only a total of 19 days so please be prepared to work diligently as it will all be held virtually.  All of your work will be located in Google Classroom and some teachers may also have you working with another learning management system like APEX. (APEX login information will be given to you directly by your teacher.)  Some teachers will be holding learning activities through Google Meet during the summer school hours of 7:30-1:00 and the teacher will provide the specific instructions if that is assigned. 

We are using a traditional grading system and you can expect approximately five hours of “class time/work” each day if you are enrolled in both periods 1 & 2 for summer school.  Keep in mind that you are earning an entire semester or year worth of credit in only four weeks.  You can do it!

Below you will find important information regarding your account information so you can access your work, access your textbooks, seek tutoring if needed, reset accounts, etc. The best person to ask any other questions will be your summer school teacher.  They can be emailed directly if you need anything.  


Summer School Links


Students, you need to be logged in to your school google account to complete the DWHS application.

Registration open now.

Summer school application