Antelope Valley School District


Students must be at least 16 years old to enroll at Desert Winds HS.

To enroll your student, submit an application and bring a transcript from their current school, an unofficial transcript is okay at this step.

The paperwork will be processed and you will receive a phone call when your student is approved to transfer. An orientation appointment will then be scheduled.

Desert Winds High School School Counselors and Pupil Service Technician are available in the following ways:

  • Virtual or In-Person one-to-one meetings can be scheduled using the "Schedule Meeting" link below. Students, parents, and staff can schedule meetings. 
  • Via phone. The direct phone number can be called during the posted office hours day and time.
  • Via email. Students, parents, and staff can email either of us directly using the email address provided below. 
  • Ask for us to contact you using our Google Check-in request.
  • Additionally, your student has been enrolled in a “Homeroom” Google classroom where we will post “Monthly Bulletins” that address frequently asked questions (FAQs), provide resources, and give updates on policies and relevant changes to academic, college & career, and social & emotional subjects.
Name Ext.   Schedule Meeting   Email
Mrs. Puglisi
    Coming Soon
Mrs. White (Alexander)
Mrs. Hardin
Pupil Services Technician
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Please know your school counselors and Pupil Service Technician are ready, willing, and able to support students, families, and our community during this time.  We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Link to Social and Emotional Bulletin

Link to College & Career Bulletin

Link to Academic Bulletin