Antelope Valley School District


To excuse an absence you may:

1. Send a note to school

2. Call the Attendance Office at 661-948-7555 ext 203

3. Email the school directly at  
Be sure to include dates, reason, student's name, your relationship to the student.



Desert Winds High School believes that students learn best when they are in class for bell-to-bell instruction. Your child's timely arrival to school is valuable in ensuring that he or she receives the fullest education possible. Students who are habitually tardy or truant will be dealt with in a firm manner, as unverified absences and tardiness will not be tolerated. Please ensure you clear the absence of your son or daughter within 5 school days. Students who choose not to follow school rules will be directed to the community attendance worker and/or Administration for further discipline. Saturday School is available to all students on a voluntary basis, however, can be mandatorily assigned in lieu of a citation. Please see that your child’s unverified absences are cleared by way of a handwritten note and not through a telephone message.

We would also like you to keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the parent and student to ensure all phone numbers provided are accurate so the automated system calls you directly regarding your student’s absence. This system is an essential means for this office to inform you of your student’s attendance.

The PowerSchool Parent Portal is also an excellent way to keep up-to-date with your student’s attendance. This online system allows you to not only keep in contact with your student’s teachers, credits and grades, it also provides a look at your student’s weekly attendance. 

There is a  PowerSchool app in the Apple IOS or Google Play store. The district code you need is NWMZ. Please contact the school office if you need your information to create a parent/guardian account.  

PowerSchool Parent Portal

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