Antelope Valley School District

Staff Directory

Here you will find a listing of our faculty and staff as well as directions to contact them directly.


Ms. Irma Flores - Head Counselor
Ms. Suzanne Ankerstrom - English 11, Multimedia and Life Skills
Mr. Ray McClinton - ESS, Strategy for Success
Ms. Morgan D'Errico - ESS
Mr. Ray Flowers - Algebra I, II & Geometry
Ms. Karen Harrell - English 12, Reading for Pleasure
Ms. Amy Mittelstadt - Earth Science, Life Science
Mr. David Otis - Automobile Technology
Ms. Glenda Potts - US History, Civics
Mr. Larry Searight - Algebra 1, Financial Lit
Mr. Thomas St. George - World History, Economics
Ms. Rose Stanley - English 9, English 10, Drama
Mr. Sam Vaiana - Health, Physical Education


Ms. Liz Deal - Custodian
Mr. Larry Beuder - Network Technician
Ms. Lucelle Cox - Special Education Instructional Aide
Mr. Joseph Esparza - Campus Security
Ms. Jeanette Serrano - Bilingual Secretary
Ms. Sheri Martin - Network Technician
Ms. Sabrina McClinton - Senior Attendance Clerk
Ms. Janie Miller - Community Attendance Worker
Mr. Gregory Roe - Campus Security
Ms. Andrea Williams - Secretary to Ms. Voegele
Ms. Kaila Bourne -Special Education Instructional Aide
Ms. Kati Sheehan - Site Data Technician/Registrar
Ms. Cristy Todd - Secretary to Mr. Stanford
Ms. Paulette Chapman - Library Media Technician

Unless otherwise listed, employees can be contacted via email by taking the first initial & last name then adding it to "" or by utilizing the direct link within the Power School Parent Portal.

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