Antelope Valley School District


Desert Winds High School offers a smaller classroom setting allowing teachers the ability to offer the individual attention students need as they progress toward graduation. All students at Desert Winds High School are welcomed and introduced to new opportunities and approaches to an educationally sound curriculum. There are a variety of reasons students attend Desert Winds High School, and the primary goal is to provide each of them with the necessary skills to become productive members of a diverse society.

Support Interventions

Saturday School - A weekly opportunity for intervention activities in Math, English and Science course work with the assistance of a credentialed teacher.

Reading for Pleasure Book Club - An elective credit course where participating students read books for one hour each evening at home to increase comprehension and vocabulary skills. Verification of credit earnings is based on the student successfully completing a computer generated quiz for the book they have read.

After School Tutoring - Tutoring is available after school for those students in need of extra assistance with their English and Math assignments.